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I'm Michael Weissman, Founder of Modern Teaist.
For the last 15 years I've had a passion for tea: learning the variety of tea, defining my palate, and searching out the best teas and ways to brew them.  I found a calming joy in what became a ritual of brewing tea.  I've traveled through China and Japan visiting tea farms, tea markets, and tea suppliers, in search of the best.
I quickly discovered that in the US, good tea was hard to come by.
I always had the desire to share my love of tea with others.  (My most common gift is a sample of a new kind of tea, or a small yixing teapot.)  While there are many traditional tea vessels, I wanted to find sleek and modern teaware for myself. Something to fit my own style. Clean, simple, functional.

Enter Modern Teaist
I've devoted this site to offer carefully curated tea and teaware, fitting a style for tea drinkers in a new generation.  For teaware, we hold only tried and true items of simplicity, quality, and style.  For teas, we offer select featured teas from reputable sources, and of course suggested brew instructions to get you the very best infusion.
My hope is that if you are new to tea, you discover the joy of tea beyond a bag in boiling water, and start to create your own ritual for yourself.  And if you are a tea enthusiast, I consider you a friend. I hope you find our collection being used time and time again in your own daily routine.

I'm thrilled to be able to share my love of tea with you.
Wishing you many great steeps and resteeps,

Michael Weissman, Founder, Modern Teaist