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You Deserve Better: The Importance of Quality Tea

Gongfu tea with teabag in gaiwan

Let's talk tea.  You know, that small bag with some black dusty powder inside.  You throw it in a cup with some boiling water and then douse it with sugar or milk so it's not unbearably bitter.  Tea.  And for some people this is a memory from childhood, and it will always be a familiar taste.  But it's never been an exciting adventure, or a new experience.

I'm here to tell you, you deserve better.

tea leaves overflowing in a gaiwan

Having a fresh cup of loose, full leaf tea can change every negative association you have with traditional tea.  Loose leaf teas from a quality supplier are extremely rich, and have a full bodied liquor that can have a multitude of tastes, colors, subtle notes, and either stimulate or relax depending on the variety.

To understand why, consider how tea is made:

  1. Fresh leaves are plucked during harvesting season, then brought in for processing (drying/steaming/oxidizing/withering, etc).  This process is varied for the different types of tea.
  2. Before or after processing, the leaves are sifted.  The most in tact leaves remain at the top and the sieves let smaller fragments fall through.  This top heap is the most prized, as the tea leaf's natural oils and flavor hasn't been disrupted and broken up during the process.
  3. This is repeated with smaller and smaller sizes until the fine tea dust from broken bits of higher quality tea falls to the floor and is collected for the generic tea bags you can purchase in stores.

What you taste from this fine dust is just a remnant of the high quality leaf.  Then often times to hide the poor flavor it is mixed with floral scents or other tea dust.

You deserve better.

Sencha Green Tea leaves with teacup of tea

A great tea is a piece of art, carefully grown and picked and processed at just the right time to deliver the flavor that is intended by the grower.  At Modern Teaist, our Sencha leaves are selected from a family of tea farmers who have crafted the art of producing high quality tea for generations.  They thoughtfully select two varietals of leaves to create the perfect balance of flavor between what each cultivar is known for.

Regardless of where you get your tea, don't settle for dust.  Aim for whole loose leaves, and steep into a new world of tea.

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